About Inspirock

We love to travel the world and want you to have the trip of a lifetime!

About us

Inspirock enables users to quickly and easily explore a destination’s offerings and create personalized sightseeing itineraries by utilizing local expertise and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Drawing from a database of over 80,000 destinations Inspirock makes trip planning easy, intuitive and enjoyable for over 25 million travelers a year.
Inspirock For Partners enables trip planning within any innovative travel website. Inspirock for Partners is now available for NTOs, corporate partners, travel agencies, airlines and destination marketing organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Why use Inspirock

Research bot that works for you
We match your travel preferences with
over 750,000,000 data points:
  • Best places & time to visit
  • Reviews
  • Transportation options
  • Hidden gems
Planning engine
that helps you
see & do more
We will optimize your itinerary:
  • Minimize travel time
  • Check when attractions are open
  • Recommend how much time to spend
Your complete plan in one place
  • Book & organize your reservations
  • Share and collaborate with co-travelers
  • Enjoy your trip!

91% of travelers rate the trip planner
Great or Excellent

  • Amazing time saver & such a great
    online free service
    I am very impressed & really appreciate inspirock.com. The planning saves me a lot of time, with every detail I need for a great trip. I will continue to use inspirock for many years to come!
    R Keats, Canada
  • Very useful tool
    I have been using Inspirock for all my trips during the last 3-4 years. It works wonderful and I couldn’t imagine organizing my trips without it. It is ideal for people planning road trips for many days visiting many places.
    Wanda Podgurschi, Romania
  • Awesome App!
    Thanks Inspirock for this amazing app which is making the planning of our Europe trip an absolute breeze. I can’t believe how helpful all the features are and the app is so easy to use! With travel modes and times, activity and accommodation links, it has everything we need to plan our trip smoothly and seamlessly. Highly recommended.
    Suzi, Australia

About the founders

As students at Stanford University in 1991, Anoop Goyal and Prakash Sikchi bonded over their passion for travel. Over time, they graduated from spontaneous bachelor backpacking trips to organized family holidays with their spouses and kids.
Seeing a need to simplify the trip planning process, the idea for Inspirock was born while they were on one of their adventures. Perched on a rock overlooking Inspiration Lake in the Eastern Cascades in Washington state. Inspirock encompasses both an inspiration and a vision. It is rooted in the belief that travel universally connects us all and helps people discover themselves.

Anoop Goyal

Anoop Goyal has worked at Silicon Valley high-tech companies for over 20 years. Prior to co-founding Inspirock, Anoop specialized in consumer websites and data systems for innovative leaders such as oDesk, eBay and Oracle. “I like to be on the leading edge of using technology as a means to improve life,” Anoop says.

Prakash Sikchi

Prakash Sikchi has more than 20 years of high-tech experience, specializing in machine learning, big data, and distributed systems; he holds more than 20 patents. At Microsoft, he led development on projects such as Bing Mobile and Azure Cloud. “Travel helps you connect with yourself, your friends, and the rest of the world,” Prakash says. “Travel makes the world a better place.”

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